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Our Frequently Asked Questions & Policy

Some of your Questions:

Q.A.What are your Terms and Conditions?
Q.A.How long does it take for my reservation to be confirmed?
Q.A.What is your cancellation policy?
Q.A.Will the Crew have lots of knowledge about the area and wildlife?
Q.A.Can you tell me how far in advance we should book this Cruise? We don’t want to be disappointed.
Q.A.Are the rates for two people, or per cabin?
Q.A.How many crew are on the boat?
Q.A.Can we meet the cruise from Queenstown?
Q.A.For departures from Queenstown, are you able to offer accommodation pickups?
Q.A.On Day 2, the itinerary says we arrive back in Te Anau at 12:30pm. What time do we head back to Queenstown and what activities do you recommend that we could do in Te Anau while waiting for our trip back to Queenstown?
Q.A.What sort of cabin setup would be best suited for a family or a party of three/four?
Q.A.Are there any mobility or safety issues?
Q.A.What is the main difference being on this cruise with a small group?
Q.A.Do you allow passengers to explore the waterfalls in the area?
Q.A.What is the layout of the boat?
Q.A.Does your package include an underground trip to the Manapouri power station at West Arm?
Q.A.I have heard that some Cabins are next to the power/generator room in the boat which could make sleeping at night very difficult, is this the case?
Q.A.How much space is there for luggage?
Q.A.Am I able to store my luggage with you while I am on the Cruise?
Q.A.I am travelling in a rental car, where can I park while I am on the Cruise?
Q.A.If we have not done kayaking before, will there be a tutorial prior?
Q.A.Do we need to bring insect repellent?
Q.A.What do I need to bring?
Q.A.We are interested in a two-night Doubtful Sound cruise, can we spend two nights on the boat? Does the boat do the same tour each day?
Q.A.Will I get sea sick?
Q.A.Is it possible to arrange a fly-back from our cruise?
Q.A.Can I go fishing?
Q.A.What wildlife will I see?
Q.A.Is crayfish/lobster always served on your cruise?
Q.A.What are the meals like – lunch, dinner and breakfast?
Q.A.How big is the boat?
Q.A.Do you offer SCUBA Diving?
Q.A.Are children welcome on the boat?
Q.A.Is smoking or vaping allowed aboard the vessel?